Benefit Albums

In years past, Humanitas students have worked together to write, record, and produce their own music and spoken word tracks for inclusion on annual Humanitas albums. The albums are a creative opportunity for students to find and use their voice to affect positive change.

Greatest Hits


  1. HERE WE ARE- Paige Daniels
  2. THIS CHANGE- Camila Castiglione, Camila Goldenberg, Sofia Terrile
  3. TIME TO REALIZE- Ori Kleyman, Shaun Meron, Jaymes Nevis
  4. FOREVER TRAYVON- Destiny Ivy, Andrew Nabi, Dianne Ruiz, Sarah Alarcon, Akito Taylor
  5. TRYNA MAKE IT OUTTA HERE- Hafid Budar, Luis Longoria, Matthew Mai, Andrew Vizcarra
  6. I’M GONNA FLY- Paige Daniels, Chris Jones, Estelle Marfori, Akito Taylor
  7. ONE STEP AT A TIME- Deeba Shirazi, Gabriel Plaza, Jenna Hertz, Maya Caspi
  8. GET YOU BACK- Paige Daniels, Emma Jackson
  9. REACH FOR THE SKY- Jonny Burgos, Alex Chang, Ali Roverud, Justin Russell, Guy Shaposhnik, Emily Waterbury
  10. A FAIR TRY- Jonathan Crane, Deena Ketabchi, Matthew Mackey, William Morada
  11. STAY WITH ME- Paige Daniels, Eytan Jinich
  12. FOREVER WITH YOU- Estelle Marfori, Kimberly Telleria, Ariana Bolanos, Melissa Milo
  13. LOVE IT ALL- Guy Shaposhnik, Allie Roverud, JJ Crane, Matthew Mackey, Jonathan Burgos, Justin Russell
  14. MISSING- William Cabrera, Andrea Cuba, David Phan
  15. HUMANITY- Deeba Shirazi
  16. FEELIN’ IT- Chris Jones, Akito Taylor
  17. WITH ME- Paige Daniels, Emma Jackson
  18. JUST ONE WORLD- Chloe Hidley
  19. ALL TO BLAME- Maya Caspi, Jordan Finlay, Brooke Haim, Jenna Hertz
  20. FREE YOUR MIND- Eytan Jinich
  21. SHINE ON- Jonathan Dale, Camila Castiglione
  22. CHANGE HUMANITY- Jessica Adad, Ariel Kaufman, Danielle Korio, Katie Elliott, Sara Warren, Allie Lieberman, Engrid Ramirez
  23. A FOND FAREWELL– Alex Sheldon

Here We Are 


  1. Here We Are (Paige Daniels)
  2. Tryna Make It Outta Here (Hafid Budar, Luis Longoria, Matthew Mai, Andrew Vizcarra)
  3. This Change (Camila Castiglione, Camila Goldenberg, Sofia Terrile)
  4. Time to Realize (Ori Kleyman, Shaun Meron, Jaymes Nevis)
  5. Who You Are (Estelle Marfori, Melissa Milo,  Kimberly Telleria)
  6. All to Blame (Maya Caspi, Jordan Finlay, Brooke Haim, Jenna Hertz)
  7. Letting Go (Savannah Calzadillas, Julianna Cerritos, Marcela Leal, Hasina Lodin, Kennedy Morgan, Arianna Nunez, Alex Sheldon)
  8. Get You Back (Paige Daniels & Emma Jackson)
  9. Free Your Mind (Eytan Jinich)
  10. Shine On (Camila Catiglione, Orr Cohen,  Jonathan Dale)
  11. Everybody Wake Up (Sarah Alarcon, Abel Arevalo, Erick Arevalo, Rafael Paredez, Nicholas Reinoso)
  12. Not All Over Yet (Nawaf Al-Janabi, Jade Archer, Jordan Finlay, Camille Laksman, Amanda Mason)
  13. If, Perchance (Ahleea Brenner, Chloe Hidley)
  14. A Fond Farewell (Alex Sheldon)


  1. Renaissance Student (Nolan Dafesh, Angelo Pitillo, Sam Rohner, Zack Silverman, Nic Tartaglino)
  2. Holidaze (Mor Elharar, Rebecca Harris, Nicole Meron Madison Savoi, Paula Sarukhanian)

One Step at a Time 


  1. I’m Gonna Fly- Paige Daniels, Chris Jones, Estelle Marfori, Akito Taylor
  2. Forever With You- Estelle Marfori, Kimberly Telleria, Melissa Milo, Ariana Bolanos
  3. One Step at a Time- Deeba Shirazi, Jenna Hertz, Maya Caspi, Gabriel Plaza
  4. Forever Trayvon- Destiny Ivey, Andrew Nabi, Dianne Ruiz, Sarah Alarcon, Akito Taylor
  5. Bully Victim- Sydney Tillman, Kandice Brown, Alexis Hardy
  6. Feelin’ It- Chris Jones, Akito Taylor, Christian Pepin
  7. With Me- Paige Daniels, Emma Jackson
  8. Humanity- Deeba Shirazi
  9. A Change In The Weather- Christian Pepin
  10. Take You Down- Toren Arusi, Torry Hughes, Justin Yung, David Teichman
  11. Truth Be Told- Brittani Russell, Pou Vaka, Dayja Johnson
  12. Drive-Thru Snack Rap- Cassidy Elliott, Rachel Gardner, Brittney Golnick, Katie McKeever
  13. A Dream of Night- Alex Sheldon (1:49)
  14. Forever With You (Acoustic)- Estelle Marfori, Kimberly Telleria, Melissa Milo, Ariana Bolanos

Just One World

1. Just One World
2. On My Own For Now
3. Coming In Fleets
4. The Conversion
5. Missing
6. Arise
7. Humanitas Flow
8. Everybody Go Green
9. Enlightenment
10. A Human Experience
11. Is It Time To Go?
12. Here to Say

Reach For The Sky 


1. Reach For The Sky
2. A Fair Try
3. Right Here
4. Occupy My Mind
5. Forever And Always
6. Dealing With Stresses
7. Saving The Rainforest
8. Heavy Load
9. The Funk Song
10. Your Lips To God’s Ear
11. Fight For Rights
12. Together As One
13. It Takes Two
14. Heavy Load

Love It All


1. Love It All
2. Heal The Bay (Stand Up)
3. Tiny Baby Seals
4. Tree Hugger Anthem
5. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
6. Change Humanity
7. Politics Is Such A Curse
8. To My Sunshine With Love
9. Save The Earth
10. Take A Stand
11. Take Part In This Protest
12. Show Some Respect
13. Industrial Revolution
14. Time Waits For No One
15. Dare To Love
16. Vital Signs
17. Not So Distant Future
18. Too Late To Decide

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