Canned Food Drive Challenge!


Dear Humanitas Students and Parents,

On Tuesday, February 12, Humanitas students attended a special assembly to kick off our canned food drive that will collect items throughout the month of February for the West Valley Food Pantry. The West Valley Food Pantry provides over 26,000 meals to 3,000 individuals each month in the West San Fernando Valley (

For the next two weeks, students who wish to participate may bring in canned goods and other items (see sample list below) to any Humanitas classroom. We encourage students to reach out to their extended social circles of interested family and friends to collect items and bring them to their Humanitas classes. Students may also volunteer on specified days at nutrition and lunch in Room C17 to help collect and organize items from the various Humanitas classrooms. All volunteered time donated towards this food drive counts towards the Humanitas 10-hour community service requirement, and canned be recorded on the time log that students have already received.

Sample donated items list (any similar items are appreciated):

·         Any canned items!

·         Canned fruits

·         Canned vegetables

·         Canned soups & chili

·         Canned Sauces

·         Canned Tuna/Chicken

·         Peanut butter

·         Chef Boyardee

·         Pasta

·         Rice

·         Dried beans

·         Cereal

·         Toilet paper & toiletries

·         Toothbrush/toothpaste

·         Travel sized toiletries


·         No glass

·         No perishables

Thank you in advance for any assistance or encouragement that you are able to provide. Together, we hope to make a positive contribution to our local community.

Please feel free to contact Humanitas coordinator Dean Sodek ( with any questions.