Leadership Team: Tips for Success


The Humanitas Student Leadership Team would like to remind all students that the 10-week report cards are coming up in the next couple of weeks. Since Humanitas is a college preparatory program consisting of A-G courses, it’s important to remember that colleges only recognize A, B, and C academic marks. If you currently have a D or F grade in a class, or want to raise any other grades, here is some helpful advice:

  • Don’t have missing assignments. It’s important to turn in work when it is due. Missing or “zero” scores have a dramatic negative impact on your grades.
  • Make up any and all points that you can. Different teachers have different late work policies, but any points you can earn for missing work will help your grade.
  • Talk to your teachers about your grades and how to do better in class, and then put the advice into action.
  • Always do extra credit. If extra credit is offered in a class, take advantage of it. Even a small number of “extra” points can make a big difference.


If you are easily distracted at home, or want a place during the school day to get things done, ECR offers a variety of resources to assist students who want to improve their grades:

  • Some classes are open at nutrition and lunch to complete assignments, study, or receive advice from teachers. Take advantage of this time and be productive.
  • The school library is open every day at 7AM and closes at 5PM.
  • Peer tutoring is available Monday-Thursday at lunch in B111
  • Math teachers provide free math tutoring on Monday-Thursday until 5PM in A212


All students who maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in their classes on the 10-week report card will qualify for the Humanitas Renaissance Honor Roll. These students will receive academic certificates and special recognition at the annual Humanitas Awards.

-The Fall 2018 Humanitas Student Leadership Team is: Tiffany Astilla, Ashley Conley, Alyssa Maldonado, Kaysen Pajarillo, Julian Galloway, Noosha Jerdi, Jaden Lee, Tabi Paterno, Cayla Green, Savanna Ilbeig, Orr Tahar