Musicwood Film Night, 12/4

musicwood1Humanitas invites you to ECR’s thought-provoking screening of the award-winning documentary, Musicwood on December 4th at 6:30PM in the Little Theater . Tickets are just $5 and are available at:

We hope you can join us for this special event.

Musicwood examines the environmental and social components of sustainability through the lens of acoustic guitars. The wood required to make the soundboard for top flight acoustics comes from Tongass National Forest in Alaska. With increased logging and demand for the spruce, this temperate rain forest is disappearing at a quickening rate. Join three World famous guitar makers (CEOs of Gibson, Taylor, and Martin Guitars) as they travel into the primeval Alaskan rain forest to meet the Native Americans that log Sitka spruce in an attempt to save the acoustic guitar.

One response to “Musicwood Film Night, 12/4

  1. There is a special message from the filmmakers preceding the show. Show your support for environmental sustainability as well as social justice in this visually dazzling film.

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