Rockin’ All Over the World

humanisquadThis semester, Humanitas has been busy demonstrating our commitment to extending learning beyond the classroom.  Humanitas ninth graders are just returning from an entertaining day at the Grammy Museum and L.A. Live!, where they toured the Grammy Museum and attended a songwriting workshop that examined music of the Civil Rights Movement.  Earlier this month, sophomores visited the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens where they examined artistic, scientific, and literary artifacts that represent major paradigm shifts in intellectual thought.  Humanitas Seniors have visited Underwood Family Farm in Moorpark to learn about the economics of locally grown food, farm labor issues, and the daily operation of the farm. Eleventh grade Honors Humanitas has spent a day exploring revolutionary works of art at the Norton Simon Museum of Art, with all of our eleventh grade students touring communities in Downtown L.A., including Chinatown, Olvera Street, and Little Tokyo, on a field trip next month.  In addition to being opportunities that connect course content to our local community, these field trips serve as important bonding experiences that will be remembered for years to come..