Coastal Cleanup Information

coastal-cleanupSpecial thanks to all of the students and parents who have registered with ECR Humanitas for Coastal Cleanup Day this Saturday at Malibu Lagoon (8:30am). It looks like our group is over 100 registered members! Please read all emails that Coastal Cleanup Day has emailed to you regarding your registration and the event itself. This is a voluntary community service event and parents are responsible for student transportation and supervision. Remember to bring:

  1. All members of our group must have registered online. Bring the registration ticket that was emailed to you for proof of registration. To conserve waste, participants were emailed a mobile ticket that you can access from your phone.
  2. All participants must bring a signed waiver form. Minors must have a parent sign their waiver form and can not participate without one. The link to the waiver was emailed to participants upon registration and is located on the Coastal Cleanup Day website. It can also be printed here:
  3. Print a free parking pass if you are parking at Malibu Lagoon. Arrive early as parking is limited. Parking pass is available on event website and here:
  4. Read the event website for recommended items to bring. To reduce waste generated at the cleanup, please bring a bucket and garden/work gloves. Other recommend items include: hat/sunscreen; layered clothing; camera/phone; sunglasses; shoes; reusable water bottle; snack; backpack/bag to hold items.

We can’t wait to see you at Malibu Lagoon for this fun day of community service in the sun!

-ECR Humanitas

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