Humanitas Theater Night, 3/13 @ 7:30 PM

39Steps-smallHumanitas students and parents are invited to attend Humanitas Theater Night on Thursday, 3/13 for ECRCHS Play Production’s comedic performance of the Alfred Hitchcock classic, The 39 Steps.  Join Humanitas and the rest of our ECR family for this special event. Humanitas students can use the flyer they receive in class to purchase an evening ticket for Thursday, 3/13 for $8. Students who are unable to attend Humanitas Theater Night may attend any of the additional performances listed below:

Matinees: Wednesday, 3/12 and Thursday, 3/13 ($8)

Evenings: Wednesday, 3/12 thru Saturday, 3/15 ($10)

As Humanitas students are expected to experience the fall and spring plays, students should make arrangements and purchase tickets in advance and prior to the week of the show. Tickets are limited. A scholarship fund is available for students who would like assistance with the cost of their ticket. Please see Mr. Sodek (C17) or Ms. Freitag (Grieb Theater) privately if you need assistance with the cost of your ticket.

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