One Step at a Time

2014-Album-PosterWe have finished recording all of the tracks for our fourth-annual Humanitas benefit album! Special thanks to all of our students for their creative song contributions. Rainbo Records will be producing our vinyl records and compact discs as Humanitas prepares for an album release date in April. Ordering information regarding our album packages will be made available in March.

One Step at a Time: A Benefit Album

100% of the album proceeds will be donated to the West Valley Food Pantry

  1. I’m Gonna Fly– Paige Daniels, Chris Jones, Estelle Marfori, Akito Taylor
  2. Forever With You– Estelle Marfori, Kimberly Telleria, Melissa Milo, Ariana Bolanos
  3. One Step at a Time– Deeba Shirazi, Jenna Hertz, Maya Caspi, Gabriel Plaza
  4. Forever Trayvon– Destiny Ivy, Andrew Nabi, Dianne Ruiz, Sarah Alarcon, Akito Taylor
  5. Bully Victim– Sydney Tillman, Kandice Brown, Alexis Hardy
  6. Feelin’ It– Chris Jones, Akito Taylor, Christian Pepin
  7. With Me– Paige Daniels, Emma Jackson
  8. Humanity– Deeba Shirazi
  9. A Change In The Weather– Christian Pepin
  10. Truth Be Told– Brittani Russell, Pou Vaka, Dayja Johnson
  11. Take You Down– Toren Arusi, Torry Hughes, Justin Yung, David Teichman
  12. Drive-Thru Snack Rap– Cassidy Elliott, Rachel Gardner, Brittney Golnick, Katie McKeever
  13. A Dream of Night– Alex Sheldon (1:49)
  14. Forever With You (Acoustic)– Estelle Marfori, Kimberly Telleria, Melissa Milo, Ariana Bolanos

Listen to tracks from the album here:

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