Finding Identity: Masks and Monologues

masksAs part of our thematic unit, Finding Identity: Nature, Nurture, and the Choices We Make, Humanitas freshmen are starting their mask and monologue projects that serve to illuminate the identities of individuals and literary characters that students are learning about in their classes. Students will work in pairs, with each team consisting of a drama student and a drawing student. The drawing student will design and create a mask that the drama student will wear while delivering his/her respective 3-minute monologue that illuminates the identity of their chosen subject. Students will be able to choose characters from a list of DNA scientists, as well as characters from The Odyssey and Great Expectations. Presentations will begin on Monday, December 9.

The Design Challenge:

With a growing reputation as a creative duo skilled in the performing and visual arts, you and your Humanitas partner have been contracted to develop a creative monologue performance for a theatrical event that focuses on the factors that influence a person’s identity.  Using research regarding a character from literature or a DNA scientist, your team will write a monologue and design a mask to represent the chosen subject’s identity.  The drama student in your group will be responsible for the writing and performing of the monologue. The drawing student will be responsible for the development of the mask and a brief post-monologue explanation of the mask design.

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