The Message: Hip-Hop Songwriting @ Grammy Museum, 12/10

grammyHumanitas 9th graders will be participating in a hip-hop songwriting workshop on Tuesday, 12/10 as part of their Finding Identity thematic unit. The day will also include a scavenger hunt tour of the Grammy museum and its special exhibits.

A description of the songwriting workshop from is as follows:

From popping and locking, to MC’ing and DJ’ing, to its influence on clothing and fashion, Hip-Hop has proved to be more than just a genre of music. “The Art of Songwriting: Hip-Hop,” not only dissects Hip-Hop lyrical content, but also explores the genre’s past, present and future while looking at the origins of the musical form and its influence on society.

2 responses to “The Message: Hip-Hop Songwriting @ Grammy Museum, 12/10

  1. Mr. Sodek, your design of the Humanitas Sweatshirt Cady brought home is awesome. Thank you for your dedication, and sharing your creativity with the kids! They are so fortunate to be a part of such a wonderful program.

  2. Hip Hop Workshop Cool!
    I agree with Ann on both of her comments. The sweatshirt design is SWEET!!! And your hard work and efforts are unparalleled by anyone I’ve known. You are an awesome, one of a kind teacher and your students are truly lucky to have you as a part of their educational journey!

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